Is psychotherapy for you? Many of us have times in our lives when we need help in finding our way or in breaking free from unhelpful patterns (thoughts and/or behaviours). If you feel like you need some support or guidance in your life right now, therapy may be just the solution. I specialise in helping individuals heal from depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Do you feel stuck in the pit of depression, unable to see any light in the darkness? I can help you rise out of the pit and find hope and joy in living. Do you feel trapped by your anxiety, unable to enjoy life? I can help you break free from anxiety and live your life with confidence and enthusiasm.

You do not have to stay stuck. I offer confidential, sensitive, and individualised psychotherapy to help you feel better and achieve your goals. I am a psychologist, committed to provide quality clinical services. Take your first step to feel better now. Contact me to schedule an appointment.